Orochimaru x jiraiya lemon

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Orochimaru x jiraiya lemon

It made me fe as if I was actually with Orochimaru, my favourite character and my biggest Anime crush.

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I don't log in often. Just wanted to thank you for your comment :. Well that was amazing Sorry, I don't log in often. Just wanted to thank you for the comment and I hope your nosebleed didn't last long ;P. Just wanted to thank you for your comment. Also, if Kakashi did read this, I think he would have questioned me as to why I was writing 'smut' with a bad guy.

Oh god, I wrote these ages ago. I cringe at my old work which is why don't really log in here often. Saturday, 21 July Orochimaru lemon. You where sat down in a circle, playing 7 minutes in heaven — spin the bottle style in your house in Konoha. Even some members of the ANBU black ops where here, covered by their masks, obviously.

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Anyway it was your turn to spin the bottle. You spun it quickly so it took its time to stop to land on someone. When the bottle finally stopped it stopped on an ANBU black ops member still wearing his mask. You looked around the circle at everyone waiting for an answer. Everyone shrugged, looking confused. I am a proud member of the black ops party. The black ops member stood up aswell, following you in the closet. The door shut behind you leaving you in total darkness.

You sighed thinking nothing was going to happen so you leaned your back against the wall with your arms folded. You remembered the voice. It belonged to Orochimaru. Then you heard him taking of his mask, so he could speak to you properly.

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You said nothing; instead you gritted your teeth. You heard footsteps, getting closer to you so you backed up but realising you where already leaning against a wall. You started cursing yourself for this.

orochimaru x jiraiya lemon

You started to shake in fear. Strangely enough you where getting seduced by the fear and evil. The footsteps stopped so you turned around so your back was facing the wall again. He was so close to you. Your eyes widened looking up at him trying to make out his facial features. You made out his body outline.

Then you saw his snake-like eyes staring hard back into yours. You looked down trying to hide your blush. Because of the height difference you head came up to the top of his chest, just underneath his collarbone.During his time away from Hidden Leaf, a horrifying jutsu was created by Uzumaki Naruto. It was an accident that should never have been. Terrified of it, Jiraiya told him to never use it under any All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents.

Filter: 0 Filter You won't see stories with a lower score when you browse or search. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or wish to. With Sasuke's sharingan against them they had no defense. Looking at Sasuke, the contempt on the traitor's face made Naruto furious.

This was his chance, he would not let them get away! He stood up, shaking and unsteady but standing. Sasuke looked down on him, not worried in the slightest.

I'll show you just how pitiful you are. Naruto gathered his chakra, and started going through the necessary seals for THAT. It was horrible, but he had no choice. His only regret was that his own team would be victims as well. He looked at the chakra construct that could ensnare a person if they looked at it and laughed.

The loser had done it wrong, the jutsu he just used would never be able to put anything in an illusion. He was laughing still when the pain hit him. With a tug at his chakra, he felt it succeed. With a look at Sakura-chan, and knowing she would never be the same, he manipulated the jutsu to its conclusion.

It was quiet for a few moments, all Naruto could hear was his own breathing. Naruto closed his eyes as he felt the impact of 6 very female bodies hit him. Jiraiya was correct about this horror, it was a truly terrible thing. I was wiped out, and it wasn't like the others could do anything. They couldn't even deal with Sasuke, and Orochimaru and Kabuto showed up too! The image was so wrong, she wondered if she should order the gaki to reverse the jutsu and bring back the old Orochimaru.

He looked down where Sakura was latched onto his leg along with Kabuto-ko. He refused to look at the new Sasuke that was standing behind him, who really freaked Tsunade out with her requests to go rebuild her clan.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Jiraiya was a pervert. Women, mostly. Well, women and feminine guys. Well, women, feminine guys, and omegas, but the last two tended to overlap.

Naruto was not a feminine guy. That makes so much sense! But his stupid body was as stubborn as he was. Part of him expected Naruto to present as an Alpha, just like his father, or at the very least, a Beta, but Naruto has finally achieved his dream of becoming Hokage. So why is he so very, very bored? He decides to set up an elaborate thank you for his old teacher. Just something to pass my time that I've been told to try. If this actually works, and I get good responses to it, one may develop into a story, who knows This story takes place during the Shippuden era of the series.

Tsunade Almost Dies But Orochimaru Saves Her! - Naruto Shipudden 720p HD

Kakashi and Jiraiya help Naruto to perfect his Sexy Jutsu in the best way that they can: giving their student experience in being a woman.

Basically an excuse for more porn. Naruto discovers that he is in love with his sensei Jiraiya and he is willing to do anything to gain affection from him.

Naruto decides to use his sexy no jitsu to get Jiraiya to pay attention to him…I mean he is the Pervy Sage after all. This story follows his attempts to gain love from his mentor…will Jiraiya return his affections?

Naruto Uzumaki had loved his sensei, and Kakashi Hatake had loved his student. And yet, neither will know that they loved each other all this time as they stifle their emotions and refuse to show it. Kakashi had stepped down from Hokage and Naruto now achieved his dream, and seems to live in happiness with his wife and kids Yet their emotions towards one another still linger.

Until one day. A friendly visit to Suna gone wrong, Naruto is forced back to the past, where he is a recently graduated Genin.

Now he is back to the past, would he be able to ascertain the copy-cat's feelings towards him?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title.

Like keeping up a tough genjutsu, or the first time I tried to walk on water. He could feel the vibrations in his face. Who could stop you? Finally mustering up the courage, Naruto leaves Konoha for good. Through all of the years of strife and misery, he reaches the point he wants to move on to heal from the trauma he has endured from there.

What he neglects to notice is that the Akatsuki have their eyes on him. Sometimes in the company of monsters can be found a place to call home. Being sent to the lion's den hadn't been on Naruto's to do list. When he's sent on a mission that the Leaf used to get rid of him lands the jinchurriki in the hands of those thought to be villans.

What he will learn is that they aren't inherently evil nor are the rest of the world inherently good. Will he either come to love or hate them from what they've done? Itachi loves his family more than life itself, honest he really does, but all he wanted was some time with his friends.

It was the one time Itachi put himself first. But that's where things went wrong. It should have never happened. They were supposed to have been safe. It was only a short walk. They should have been safe. That night, the only time Itachi said no to his family, he lost the ones he loved most of all--his brothers. And make no mistake; he will do anything to get them back. Naruto Uzumaki is about to be adopted by Madara Uchiha.

A kind man looking to adopt a child and pass on his legacy. He's pretty sure his sister and brother-in-law, Mikoto and Fugaku, will adore him as well.

Only there's darkness swirling in Naruto.

And things are about to get brutal for him. A new beginning will quickly turn into a nightmare for one fourteen-year-old boy.All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents. Filter: 0 Filter You won't see stories with a lower score when you browse or search.

Tsunami 2. Ayame 3. Mikoto 4. Karin and Anko 5. Kin 6. Ayame and Mikoto 7. Hana and Tsume 8.

orochimaru x jiraiya lemon

Temari 9. Enemies, Aftermath, and the Ichibi no Tanuki Karin, Kin, and Tayuya Shizune Tsunade Chapter Koyuki and Kurenai Retrieving Sasuke Chapter Temari and Ichibi Chapter Tsunade and Hana Chapter Kagero, Sasame, and Kotohime While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. The sannin era ended, an era of hypocrisy by a nickname that would never keep a team together with different goals. Jiraiya is alone, so writing letters that will never reach their intended recipient is the best option. Jiraiya, who has just started the draft of his book "Tactics of Seduction", decides to show it to his best friend; Orochimaru. A mission together Or maybe Orochimaru should have went with Dan's group.

I wake up with a spoon shoved down my throat and I nearly choked because I was halfway through swallowing. She stood out menacingly, fist out ready to pounce. Long story short, Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are thrown back into their puny, non-badass year-old bodies. I must restrain myself before I suck you dry. Sasuke might be distracted by the burning in his inner thigh, but he definitely heard that. He flinched when an icy hand touched his cheek. But the weight of his absence is snuffing out your beautiful flame.

We must save it, nurture it, let it grow until it reaches the heavens. I chose him, and I now I have chosen you. Orochimaru is weary like everyone else. Those above are stuck in their own ways and he just wants to make it through the war. The choices Naruto are given could impact his life forever, should he choose to say yes or refuse. Either way, it's going to end tragically if he doesn't play his cards right.

Not to mention, why are all Uchihas so crazy? The main character's Fem! Orochimaru, full name Akiyama Orochimaru, later Sarutobi Orochimaru, when she became the adoptive daughter of the Third Hokage. Her parents died during the attack of unknown ninjas, whom she calls 'Shadows'. They needed some kind of 'artifact', Orochimaru doesn't know what it is, but she hopes to solve this mystery some day.

Only few people, including her foster father, know the truth. Her story is a bit different from the original. Each 'Play the soundtrack while reading the next episode' note is a link to the music for the certain episode.

Sasuke the Cat decided that Orochimaru and Jiraiya could use some more responsibility.AN: Set: when they're all teens. If this is an impossible situation, then it'll be AU. Back when they were all in Sarutobi's genin team. Rated M for lemon. Jiraiya chuckled, congratulating himself on finding yet another perfect hiding spot for the women's baths.

No matter what town he was in, he always managed to uncover an opportune place for doing what he did best, spying on the pretty ladies. Turning back towards the baths, he picked up his one of his favourite tools for his peeping, a pair of old and worn binoculars. Holding them up to his eyes, he mumbled some more praise to the women he had yet to see.

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It was to be one of the last missions he shared with his friends before they graduated beyond the need of each other. Sarutobi-sensei had congratulated them all on escorting the local mayor without a single hitch, who was so pleased with their service he had demanded they stay at his villa for the Fireworks Festival due to take place that night. Jiraiya, living up to his reputation, marched off in pursuit of some motivation for the novel he had plans on writing someday.

Tsunade scoffed at him and went off in search for trinkets she could buy for her friends back home, despite the fact that she was straight out broke. So that was how the youngest pervert of Konoha came to sit, perched precariously amongst tree branches which hung a short distance over the steamy hot springs.

He had been there for a good half hour with no luck. As he popped some of the salty snacks into his mouth, his gaze returned to the coils of wispy steam rising from the baking stones. His eyes flittered to the leaves above him and his hand flew to his mouth, the red blush adorning his cheeks once again. A soft sigh of contentment floated to his ears from below.

A low whistle escaped his pursed lips as he took in the sight before him. She was turned away, but the view from the back was just as good. Porcelain skin, wet from condensation, lay delicious from her delicate shoulders down to her slim waist.

Jiraiya cursed the steamy water from blocking the rest of the view. Her hair, glossy and long, fell loosely around her, partially submerged in the water and flowing delicately as the ebb deemed fit.

orochimaru x jiraiya lemon

Like a sprite, of a bubbling brook… Love at first sight! If only she'd turn ar-". As if hearing his request, she sat up, preparing to swap sides.

Jiraiya saw the whole thing in slow motion, sitting forward on his branch, eye's wide with anticipation. The girl started by lifting her hands behind her head, flipping her gorgeous hair around with her like some perfect scene from a movie. But Karma was a vengeful force, and it had decided it was time for Jiraiya to pay for all his unscrupulous peeking. The delicious creamy skin was stretched across soft, lean features, and the hair framed his thin face.

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He looked like he was panting, the hot air getting to him, lips puffy and pink. Like in the magazines… Jiraiya thought. But he didn't have any time to think further before the weak little weed of a branch he had been leaning on gave out with a dull crack, sending him hurtling towards the hard ground.

He landed with a thud, meters away from the bathing ' beauty ' he had been spying on moments before. The white-haired teen mentally scolded himself for not doing his research properly, while the pale man decided there was something better to point at. Jiraiya followed the long finger with his eyes, and realized he was pointing at his own growing problem.

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