O keefe and merritt burner valve

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O keefe and merritt burner valve

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O'Keefe & Merritt Oven / Range / Stove Parts

MR2GB Ser. D Please view all photos, and ask any questions you have before making your purchase. We will do our level best to answer any questions as soon as humanly possible.

This is a used part. It has been tested and it is in good working condition. We do recommend you have a certified professional, or company that specializes in this area inspect this item prior to use. Need New Chrome or Porcelain Enamel for your parts? Just send us a note in advance of your purchase and we will adjust your invoice. If you need your items faster please let us know prior to us sending you an invoice, we will work with you to make it happen.

International buyers are responsible for all taxes and duty fees.

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We Have More We are always putting up novel and unique items, so please look at some of our other items while you're in the neighborhood - hope to see you again through the GrapeVine! Items will ship within 24 hours of PayPal payment confirmation.

PayPal payment is expected within 24hrs from successful bidder.Those poor dusty, greasy, dirty cooktop burner valves.

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All of them needed a bit of TLC; a bit of cleaning and some new parts. Alltrol valves have steel and brass components. I treated each metal type a little differently.

Then I sorted the valve pieces into two piles; the brass parts and the steel parts. The steel pieces had been damaged by rust iron oxide.

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Even after washing and brushing, there was still some rust. I saw some foaming while those pieces soaked. That indicated the acid was working. There are a wide variety of solutions to remove rust, depending on the condition of the metal.

The brass pieces got a soaking in diluted muriatic acid to remove the tarnish. There was really no need to remove the tarnish. Without protection, the tarnish reappears in short order. Only the top few layers of the metal react, and the layer of tarnish seals and protects the underlying layers from reacting. All metal cleaning removes some surface metal. What is very important is to proceed very carefully when cleaning the brass plug or plug hole.

Those mated parts are precision sized. Aggressive cleaning of those surfaces could remove too much brass and distort that precision sizing. Following that — a good rinsing of all the brass pieces in water with a bit of dissolved baking soda to neutralize any residual acid.

Then I let the pieces completely dry. I used pipe cleaners to snake through the valve channels between the conical plug hole valve space and the main and simmer orifices. There was a lot of gunk in those small channels, junk that could have impeded the flow of gas. Then it was time to lube — gas valve grease on the brass plug, a light smear of high temp grease on everything else.

Time to put things back together. I assume the factory had specialized tools to make assembly easy and quick. The trickiest part is setting parts on top of the spring. Without a way to keep the spring compressed reassembly can be a little challenging. But not impossible. Screw the main and simmer burner orifices back on to the back of the valve. After reinstalling the valves I turned on the gas to that burner. The noise of rushing gas indicated too much gas was flowing through.

So I tightened the two orifices to restrict the flow a bit more. Note: these are precision sized holes. If converting to propane, these holes would be way too large.

Gas Safety Valves

Hi Lorraine. I used Hyheet graphite grease for the gas valves. Another brand is BASO gas valve grease.This post is for those of you who, like me, geek out on the details of vintage stuff. Long before we started on our kitchen renovation, we were looking for a vintage stove.

We decided to go take a look. The sellers were a young couple who had a vague interest in vintage. They originally wanted to put this stove in their kitchen, but ended up with something more modern in the end. Now get this — not only did the sellers have this stove, but they had a bunch of extra parts for it.

Extra burners, knobs, drip pans, glass, griddle covers in both white enamel and chrome, plus burner parts, etc. We got home and as we pulled into the driveway, I noticed that my car looked kind of slanted.

Turns out it had a flat tire and I ended up having to spend what little extra money I had to buy new tires. Bye bye stove…. But wait! I got an email the next day from the sellers telling me that they wanted to give us the stove for FREE. I guess they liked the idea of giving it to a young couple like themselves who would appreciate it and take care of it.

Boy Howdy! It is in pretty fantastic condition with just a little pitting on some of the chrome. It also needs some electrical work to make the fluorescent bulbs in the back light up. We once plugged it in and it started smoking. I am an avid cook and use the heck out of this stove. It is so amazing how well made and well thought out this stove is.

Here is a photo from the last time I gave it a good cleaning:. So nice. I am not sure of the exact year that our stove was made, but I did find this ad from November with a pink version of our stove. It helped shed light on some of the mystery parts and gadgets that came with the stove. I have not been able to find too much information on our particular model. I would love to find a manual some day. I am not quite sure how the Grillevator and rotisserie work, but I am pretty sure we have all the parts and I hope to try them out some day.

Have you figured out how to work the automatic baking feature? I have not used any of the fancy gadgets. We have to rewire the electrical system on the stove. The last time I plugged it in, the plug started smoking at the outlet so I figured it would be best not to plug it in anymore. I have been quite curious myself about how everything works. One day! Thanks for the response. I was lucky in that the oven works great.

At some point I will probably look into getting it all working properly, but for now it works well enough for what I need.

o keefe and merritt burner valve

A few weeks ago there was a large appliance uploader on retrorenovation. I had to rebuild the burner valves — not tricky, but elbow grease required and valve cream. Yours is nice too.

o keefe and merritt burner valve

Yes, I notice the back of the underhood area looks different. Do you have two gas lines down to the oven pilot too?Contact: TOAC sbcglobal. Sponsored by J. Enterprises, Inc. How to. System s. Oven Not Operating? FREE Testing. Thermocouples or Solenoids.

Send digital pictures to: toac sbcglobal.

o keefe and merritt burner valve

Broken or dismantled safties excluded. Introducing the NEW.

o keefe and merritt burner valve

San Marin TS Safety Valve. First Safety Design Improvement. Super Sensitive.

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Heavy Duty. Magnetic Head. Contact JES Now at:. TS 7, 9, 11, 12, 13. Bryant Igniter, DT. Click to see MR-2 and Grayson vales below. Forget about having to re-plumb your antique stove. Polished for advertisement. NO Cutting or Fitting. Fits only commercial TS-7 oven and broiler stoves.

An excellent tool. Also used for thermostat thermocouples.

1940s and 50s O'Keefe \u0026Merritt thermostat replace

Thermocouple - 'A'. Thermocouple Checker - 'b'. Just unscrew threaded end A of thermocouple from the safety valve and into the checker B. If end pops out the thermocouple is bad. Requires no electricity or batteries - no meters to read or technical knowledge necessary. Can also be used to test thermocouples outside of stove with just a lighter.

Good for the life of your stove. My plumber re-installed the thermocouple and refurbished safety valve Dautel - Texas. Last Februar y I bought a house that was built in It's a lovely house with red oak hard wood floors, lots of windows and a wonderful Universal gas stove in excellent condition, except the oven didn't work.Safety valves. It took me a little while to figure out how they worked, what their true purpose was.

A highly respected and knowledgeable vintage stove sage I know Steve S. My OKM vintage gas stove has safety valves and connected thermocouples for a safer operation of the oven and broiler. The magnet assembly is energized by voltage generated by a thermocouple that is heated by the pilot flame.

When this flame is extinguished, the thermocouple voltage decreases until a spring overcomes the magnetic force and loses off both the pilot and main gas the older valves just shut off the main burner gas.

This control can be used for commercial and residential ovens, infrared heaters, chicken and pig brooders, recreational vehicle gas appliances and many more applications requiring automatic safety valves!

What it means is if, for any reason, the gas flow to the stove stops while the oven or broiler burners were on, in addition to the burners going out the pilot flame would go out. That would cool down the thermocouple probe which sits in the pilot flame. When the thermocouple is not hot enough, it signals the safety valve to close, which blocks gas from flowing to the burners.

Prior to safety systems existing, when these stoves were being produced, gas distribution was not always reliable. Sometimes, the gas supply would die out, shutting off the flames. Then after a little while, the gas would come back on. Unlike the cooktop burners, the oven burner is hidden. If say, a bread baker were only using the oven at that time the gas supply stopped then started again, she or he might not have realized what happened. Without a safety system, the oven chamber could have filled up with a dangerous level of raw gas.

Lighting an oven that was already full of raw gas…. These days, gas distribution is pretty reliable. When my gas stove was moved into my kitchen, I needed to perform a manual reset of the two safety valves so I could test the oven and broiler.

The standard process I have gone through to reset a fully functional safety system with natural gas:. Their designs and features have evolved over the years.

But you do need to make sure the replacement valve meets all the critical requirements. For example, the gas line openings need to be the match the diameter of the gas lines in your stove, it needs to have correct port for the thermocouple, it needs to fit the opening of the previous unit, etc. When my old gas furnace safety died, troubleshooting pointed to the safety valve as the trouble. I disconnected it and took it to a local appliance parts shop.Contact: TOAC sbcglobal.

Sponsored by J. Enterprises, Inc. How to. System s. Designed specifically for lubricating antique and classic range valves and domestic appliances. Tested per American National Standards Institute Z in an evenly split 10, 'on' and 'off' cycle run at both degrees and 72 degree temperatures.

Contains no abrasives or hazardous materials. Will not turn to shellac or varnish since it is inorganic in formula.

Old gas valves can leak raw gas. Order Yours Today and Save! Order Below. Multiple Us e! High Heat! Use 'Valve Cream' for:. Miracle Cream Application provides A-1 results to.

Dear Jack.

okeefe merritt

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for your help and advice on helping me relubricate those vintage valves with your miracle cream on my s Magic Chef stove. All works great and servicing the stove myself has given me a new respect for it. It's so satisfying to.BetFaq is the consulting service, making sport predictions according to Offer conditions. Bundesliga 18:00 Stuttgart - Freiburg 1. Premier - Liague 19:30 Spartak - Krasnodar 1.

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