Abyssal focus

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Abyssal focus

Or the Radiating Abyssal Focus? No quest after turning in 75 shards to unlock. Am I missing something?? I have wasted an hour searching. I spent 75 pearls to unlock this when I could of upgraded my gear, before the new raid? But worse wasting a valuable resource such as mana pearls. If it could be done via raid finder, it might not be too bad. Yea well they should of let us know this. We could of saved our pearls and upgraded our gear through that system.

Where did you read or hear about this? I searched for an hour. I knew the quest was there but now its gone.

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Others in chat told me. Even wowhead with their so called great guides failed to mention this. Raid or die. Given you got all your raid materials back in 8. The first step of the crafted requires it be repaired with the pearls.

This unlocks the ability to make the version. The quest for acquiring Eternal Ornaments to make the Empowered Abyssal Focus was removed from my quest log.

I submitted a ticket about it and this was the response: " This is Game Master Llosayar, I wanted to take some time and write to you and let you know how I could help, and I hope this message finds you well! I can absolutely see why this would be frustrating, and if I were in your position I would be asking the same question.

So yes we did remove the quest. For now. Temporarily, until the Eternal Palace raid becomes available in-game for the normal and Heroic modes on the 9th of July. So will they re-issue the same quest on Tuesday? Or maybe a new one? We can upgrade or new gear with pearls, higher than what the abyssal offers.

With the abyssal we can only craft to a certain ilvl, lower than what pearls offers us now. And if you want to talk about worthiness of where to spend your pearls, those 75 can get you one to three s with sockets and the right stats, depending on your professions.

Meanwhile, getting one benthic with no promise of having your best stats available for the slot from to is 45 pearls. To get those extra 15 ilvls is more per piece. Sure wish i found this thread before i spent the last hour or so scrapping hundreds and hundreds of greens for the expulsom to make the gear.

Because you would not have spent that time scrapping gear for the expulsom a week or 2 from now right?Shadowlands LiveStream Recap. Official Returning Player's Guide. Other related subreddits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shadowlands. Frequently Asked Questions. Classic WoW Edition. Question Abyssal Focus? I spent roughly 5 hours exploring the entire zone last night. Or so I thought. I havent gotten the quest to begin making the forge. What triggers this?

Apparently the focus won't appear unless you have skill in a BFA crafting profession. The chain starts with "Ancient Technology" quest. Thats fine. Aside from benthic gear we dont use those for anything important do we? Where can I grab this and do I need in a crafting prof first?

Would love to know this also is there any point in me making this thing if my only professions are alchemy and herbalism and I can make my alchemy trinket without this. I'm fairly sure alch needs the focus to make the new trinkets too. People complain already about alch being so much better then other professions I'm sure they would have flipped shit if they didn't have to do the prerequisite like every other profession for their crafted gear.

Ah yeah just found out after ages of checking to craft them we do need it sorry for the confusion! If i do this on my main, does the forge unlock and upgrade for all characters like the netherlight crucible last exp? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. New Link. New Discussion. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

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Create an account. Thank you! I must be blind.

abyssal focus

I go to that spot on the map and nothing is there. Or is it per character?The "Restored Abyssal Focus" is a crafting station located near the quest turn in location.

If your having problems crafting items, make sure you position your character right next to the crafting station. Information regarding the world quest Light in the Darkness where if you leave the area or are killed you lose the Abyssal Beacon and are unable to retrieve it.

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abyssal focus

Light in the Darkness Abyssal Beacon Lost Information regarding the world quest Light in the Darkness where if you leave the area or are killed you lose the Abyssal Beacon and are unable to retrieve it. Click to watch this video in a web browser.

English US. Contact Us. Site Map. All trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners.


CA Residents only: Do not sell my personal information.A place to discuss the economy in World of Warcraft. Discussion should focus on the theory of making gold in World of Warcraft. Note: New watercooler threads are posted on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday then stickied on each subsequent day. All Resources. I turned in 75x Manapearls for 15x Abyssal Shards for the Quest. But I am still unable to craft the new item because it says "required Abyssal Focus". Stand close to it.

It is a purple pearl on the ground that you need to stand right next to in order to be able to craft the gear!!! I assume this allows you to make the gear and then you use the forge in mekkagon to make the gear then gear?

Yes I was able to make a item. I also got the Recipe for level Unfortunately, to craftwe need to kill 20 raid bosses You receive the pattern in your bag to craft the piece, but you need to kill raid bosses to get the new abyssal crystal.

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SO you cant figure out something. Come here for help, but figure it out At least help others who might have the same issue by being specific. SO, you expect others to be considerate by being specific, but won't even be considerate enough for the other half of players aligned to the Horde to show where their focus is located. Dumb question but I'm not in the game right now: are these alchemy trinkets worth selling at the AH? For BOP items if that helps.

I think most crafting classes will have something like this, so I would say Yes to rings. Jewelcrafting: completely new tier of gems rare to epicall from prospecting new ore. Also new BoP rings, a Notorious combatant staff. Just to be clear- do you have to actually craft the trinket in order to get the recipe for the trinket? If it's anything like the previous alch trinket, you can scrap the one to make the one provided you have the other mats, and it has a very decent return on it.

Do I have to do the quest first where you get 15 abyssal shards for the pearl to appear? And I think you meant 7th Legion Guard? It looks like a blue orbs … can craft with no issue to have to be standing next to the orb. I am sure it will be the same for the ally. Find the trainer and somewhere around him will be the orb. It's part of the crafting area, just slightly further back.

It is large blueish stone about the size of a gnome, slightly raised in a pedestal. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.It comes from the raid itself. Lets say youve unlocked second stage. Then all your personal crafted items can now be crafted at stage 2. You do not need extra raid reagents per item as you did in the past like with dazar alor or uldir.

Can't Use The "Abyssal Focus"

But in turn you only get half expulsom back when you scrap the item. Thank you for this information Lukan. And yes, as you say, it always has been this way. Cheers man! I only got q to collect 15 shards and that is it…no others! Thats for making the initial version.

These shards are bought with manapearls from an ankoan vendor. You need to collect 20 eternal ornaments in the raid before you get access to the empowered version for heroic items. Then more for the mythic version.

What the hell blizzard…i was so mad when i farmed the mats only to be told i have to raid to craft it….

Previously, you needed raid mats to create each and every personal raid item. A boon for those having two crafting proffessions. Especially if one of them is an armor prof with up to 3 personal items possible. And its true, theres more options. Benthic Gear in Nazjatar, as well craftable trinkets in mechagon. Normal takes it down to about 30 weeks.

The heroic and Mythic raiders are set with this. Empowered Abyssal Focus Gameplay Professions. So when the raid releases you will get access to the empowered abyss? Or do I need to do a follow up quest like we did for the initial version?

Is the raid up? The quest for the upgraded version just appeared today. When is estimated time to be able to craft mythic gear? Normal: 1x Eternal Ornament per boss. Heroic: 10x Eternal Ornament per boss. Mythic: 20x Eternal Ornament per boss. This topic was automatically closed after 30 days. New replies are no longer allowed.Think this unusual matchup will end in an unlikely tie.

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abyssal focus

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